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NEW! Introducing Passwordless Login

Exchange Defender Mon, May 15th 2023 - 10:39 AM
ExchangeDefender introduces password-less login for their admin portal, enhancing security and user experience. Users can securely access their accounts without relying on passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and simplifying the login process, see how it works

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Exchange Defender Wed, March 29th 2023 - 4:09 PM
Do you like staying in-the-know about the services you manage with ExchangeDefender? Sign up for SMS updates, and we'll send you a text when something happens. Text 877-8NOSPAM to register your number!

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Exchange Defender Thu, March 16th 2023 - 12:02 PM
Have you been considering a solution that we offer like Encryption, Web file sharing, or Inbox? Ask your ExchangeDefender service provider, and we'll give you full access for any service you want absolutely free!

Phishing Protection

ExchangeDefender provides the most sophisticated and most comprehensive real-time protection from email phishing threats through ExchangeDefender Phishing Firewall, External Sender flagging, real-time databases of safe and dangerous sites, and flexible phishing content handling policies.

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